Here you will find appreciations and messages from our clients. They are reviews sent directly to our Clinic through the website or via personal letters, or through the Plastic Surgery web portal. Many thanks to all!

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Patients' reviews

A satisfied client is the best reward and reference. Read the reviews by our patients.
Silvie, Czechia

Dear doctor Zimovčáková,
I have to write you because I am so happy about the result and simply cannot believe that everything has healed so well only 6 days after my breast surgery. When I took off the bandage yesterday I was surprised how well it was done. You are excellent, simply the best! (Even my husband, who also cannot believe it, says so :-) Again many thanks to you and your great team! You were all great and I felt really comfortable at the clinic. Best Regards to everybody!
Silvie, Czech Republic

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ZM, Czechia

Dear doctor Menšík,
Six weeks ago you performed a breast augmentation on me. Words can hardly express my excitement and satisfaction. Your gifted hands did a perfect job and I am happy that I have the nice and full breasts which I longed for, for a long time. Of course, I cannot forget also the great team of nurses, doctors and very kind girls at the reception.

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I.S., Czechia

Dear Doctor Holuša,
yesterday I had my final follow-up after breast reduction and breast lift. I would like to thank you again for what you have done for me; I am really glad I underwent the procedure. I wish you success in your profession and, particularly, many satisfied women.
I.S., Czech Republic

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Petra, Brno, Czechia

Dear doctor Zimovčáková,
I underwent an acne scars treatment by you. Before I visited you, I had tried all possibilities, and nothing helped me for a prolonged ten years! Only recently, I decided to try fractional laser and it was a very pleasant surprise for me. I am really pleased that I have tried the treatment and that I have tried it with you. You are a very nice and pleasant doctor who can empathize with the patient and help her. I can only recommend you!

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R., Brno, Czechia

Some time ago, your performed a rhinoplasty on me. It was my first plastic surgery in my life and I was rather afraid. However, since the very first minute at the Clinic, my worries gradually diminished. The approach of your nurses, your anaesthesiologist as well as yourself was just great and very human. Moreover, I was really surprised that my nose did not hurt after the surgery or in the following days! Thanks to my new nose I look better and because the change was done so discretely I do not have to explain to everybody where my old snoot is:-)

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Leona, Brno, Czechia

Full and firm breasts regained? A beautiful vision, however no need to deceive myself, two kids and a few more years took the toll, miraculous tablets and herbal infusions did not help and bras that reminded me of stuffed shells. For a long time, I had opposed procedures like this, pointless surgery and anaesthesia; I kept saying myself "be glad you are healthy". However, nice breasts were appealing, and I decided for the surgery. Since then, my worries have disappeared, and I concentrated on the result, I may say I was looking forward to it. I can recommend it! The result is great and there are few things which make you happy continuously and this is certainly one of them. Many thanks, doctors :-)

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M. J., Brno, Czechia

Dear all,
I was considering to undergo breast lift surgery for a long time and now I know it was the best decision I have ever made in my life and that I should not have hesitated for such a long time!...
I was wrong to be worried about the surgery and its result! Times when I felt ashamed even in front of myself when taking a shower are luckily gone! As if I started a new life. The surgery result made me happy, self-confident and satisfied. You made my dream come true... I would also like to thank all the doctors and nurses for my very pleasant stay at the Clinic. You were all great!
Grateful patient M. J., Brno

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