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Are you not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts? Are you frustrated about the shape and size of your breasts and you want to change it? Have you considered breast augmentation? If so, we are ready to help you.

Cosmetic breast surgeries are among the most sought-after procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Breast augmentation surgery is aimed to:

  • increase the volume of small breasts
  • re-gain the breast volume after e.g. pregnancy or weight loss
  • correct the sagging of small breasts
  • correct breast size asymmetry

Breast augmentation can be performed in several ways. The most desired method of breast augmentation uses silicone breast implants which also partly serve to correct the breast shape and remove breast deformations.

Breasts can also be augmented with other filling materials. For example, a patient's own fat has been recently used in breast augmentations.

For whom is the surgery suitable?

  • Breast augmentation can be performed on women over 18 years of age, with a fully developed mammary gland.
  • There is no upper age limit; the health condition is crucial.
  • If you are planning a pregnancy in the next months, it is not advisable to undergo this surgery.
  • We do not perform breast augmentation in case of major breast sagging, i.e. ptosis. Instead, breast lift is used to correct the problem.

Breast augmentation can be performed through different surgery techniques. Your surgeon will discuss with you the most suitable option during your in-person consultation. Including the implant placement and selection of its type, shape and size. To have a more precise idea about the breast volume, you can try different implant sizes in your bra during the consultation.

As one of a few clinics, we have a large selection of breast implants in stock. Therefore, we are very flexible in case of a sudden change of implant size or type requirement.


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Silvie, Czechia

Dear doctor Zimovčáková,
I have to write you because I am so happy about the result and simply cannot believe that everything has healed so well only 6 days after my breast surgery. When I took off the bandage yesterday I was surprised how well it was done. You are excellent, simply the best! (Even my husband, who also cannot believe it, says so :-) Again many thanks to you and your great team! You were all great and I felt really comfortable at the clinic. Best Regards to everybody!
Silvie, Czech Republic

Complete review
ZM, Czechia

Dear doctor Menšík,
Six weeks ago you performed a breast augmentation on me. Words can hardly express my excitement and satisfaction. Your gifted hands did a perfect job and I am happy that I have the nice and full breasts which I longed for, for a long time. Of course, I cannot forget also the great team of nurses, doctors and very kind girls at the reception.

Complete review
Leona, Brno, Czechia

Full and firm breasts regained? A beautiful vision, however no need to deceive myself, two kids and a few more years took the toll, miraculous tablets and herbal infusions did not help and bras that reminded me of stuffed shells. For a long time, I had opposed procedures like this, pointless surgery and anaesthesia; I kept saying myself "be glad you are healthy". However, nice breasts were appealing, and I decided for the surgery. Since then, my worries have disappeared, and I concentrated on the result, I may say I was looking forward to it. I can recommend it! The result is great and there are few things which make you happy continuously and this is certainly one of them. Many thanks, doctors :-)

Complete review


Breast augmentation can be performed with different surgery techniques. The basic methods to place the implant include the emplacement under the gland (in-between the mammary gland and muscle) or deeper - under the muscle (in-between the muscle and ribs). An experienced plastic surgeon often combines these two approaches.

Subglandular implant placement approach

Subglandular implant placement approach

Subglandular implant placement (above the muscle) is suitable for patients with bigger and moderately sagging breasts. The postoperative condition is less painful and results in a quicker recovery. It is a method used to correct minor breast sagging and to tighten the breasts.

A drawback of this method, compared to submuscular implant placement, is that there is less tissue over the implant. Sometimes, the implant may be visible under the skin and is more easily pulpable.

As the skin is the only thing holding the implant, the breast may tend to sag with time and therefore it is advisable to wear a bra consistently.

Surgery methods - scar visibility

A plastic surgeon always tries to leave the least amount of visible scars as possible after a surgery. The surgeon may place the implant under the mammary gland using one of the following methods:

  • through an incision in the inframammary fold
  • through a small incision made along the lower areolar periphery
Submuscular implant placement approach

Submuscular implant placement approach

With submuscular implant placement, the post-surgery condition is a bit more painful and recovery tends to be longer. However, the implant is almost impalpable after the surgery and the breasts can be better examined. The clear advantage of the method is its more stable aesthetic result; the implant does not sag because it is held in position by the pectoral muscle.

Submuscular implant emplacement is perfect especially for thin women with small and firm breasts.

Surgery methods

A plastic surgeon always tries to leave the least amount of visible scars as possible after a surgery. There are following options of incisions made to emplace the implant under the muscle:

  • from inframammary fold
  • from an incision along the areolar periphery
  • from an incision made in the armpit

It is more difficult for any type of replacement if a breast augmentation is done through an incision in the armpit and subsequently a post-operative complication occurs requiring an implant replacement. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the implant through another incision which results in another scar.

Breast implants

Breast implants

Your safety is our priority, therefore at the Body Clinic, we work with MENTOR®, proven breast implants, through extensive long-term studies, which represent the highest quality available.

MENTOR® breast implants have the lowest reported incidence of post-operative complications. Which is the reason why these implants are the most desired by surgeons as well as patients worldwide.




Breast implant types

MENTOR® breast implants are available in a wide range of shapes and volumes. The size of your future implant is determined by the shape and size of your chest, the shape and size of your breast, skin quality and the condition of your pectoral muscle.

Anatomical implants (i.e. teardrop-shaped implants)

Implants with ever-growing popularity which give the breasts a deluxe appearance of a young and firm bust, all while portraying a more natural breast shape. This is a perfect choice for slim women with very little chest fat at whom the visible round implant upper edge may not look as appealing. Another advantage is a lower incidence of implant wrinkles thanks to a more cohesive gel compared to round implants. There is a certain risk of implant rotation, therefore it is necessary to observe the postoperative recommendations. 

Round implants 

Round implants are suitable for breasts with minor sagging or without sagging, especially when it is the patient’s desire to add volume to the upper pole. An experienced plastic surgeon can create a natural appearance even with round implants. However, a sufficient amount of fat or gland tissues on the chest is a must.


Surgical process

  1. Discuss the surgery options and methods during the consultation with your surgeon. The surgeon will recommend the most suitable breast augmentation method. Choose the implant type and size together with your surgeon. The surgeon will answer all your questions in detail. You will choose the date for your surgery and will be given the instructions concerning a preoperative examination.
  2. You must arrive with an empty stomach on the day of your surgery, we will welcome you and perform all necessary preoperative examinations.
  3. Subsequently, an anaesthesiologist will give you all the care.
  4. The surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours. Drains are inserted into the wound after the surgery to facilitate healing.
  5. We care about your safety and will provide you with complex care after the surgery. A doctor will be available non-stop at the Clinic, 24 hours a day, for the whole period of your stay.
  6. A follow-up is scheduled by the surgeon after two weeks, two months and one year from the surgery when the resulting effect is already final.

Breast augmentation and breast lift

In some cases, breast implant augmentation can be combined with breast lift. It is suitable for moderately sagging breasts where implants are not sufficient to tighten the breasts. This combined method can be also used for sagged breasts if you want to deal with their size at the same time.

The combination of these two surgeries is not suitable if you require a large augmentation (large implants) or the breasts are seriously sagging. We will advise you whether it is possible to perform these two surgeries in one procedure during the in-person consultation.


There is no need to be afraid of pain after the surgery as you will be given painkillers. Wound drains are placed in your breasts to drain residual blood from the body. We usually take out the drains when the patient leaves the Clinic.

Upon your release from the Clinic, you will get a medical report, postoperative care instructions and a certificate with accurate information about the implants used. Keep the certificate as it is necessary for any eventual implant replacement.

We will instruct you how to wear postoperative compression garments and how to treat the scars. For problem-free recovery, it is necessary to observe our instructions. Resting is essential in the first week after the surgery.

In the first few weeks after the breast implant augmentation you must wear an elastic surgical bra day and night. If the implants are emplaced through an incision in the armpit, it is recommended to wear a special band above the breasts. Sometimes, a combination of both is required. We will prepare the postoperative garment for you.

Make sure you have someone who is able to take care of you in the first few days, or help you with children. You must not drive a car until at least one or two weeks after the surgery.

The wound is sutured with inner absorbable sutures which dissolve in several months. With implants emplaced subglandularly, it is necessary to wear a bra continuously. Breasts will become swollen and stiff for several weeks after the surgery; the swelling eventually disappears. The breast size slightly diminishes, and the breasts grow soft.

In the second week after the surgery, you can try light daily activities, short walks etc. Under any circumstance do not perform any heavy work like cleaning etc.

For 1 to 2 months after the surgery, we recommend not to perform any higher physical effort, e.g. carrying heavy objects and luggage, exercise or sports, swimming, skiing etc. In the first month post-surgery, it is necessary to perform sexual intercourse with caution.

After two months you may engage in sports, exercise etc. However, this period of time varies between each individual.

The scars fade out and almost disappear within six to twelve months, however never entirely. The healing process can be enhanced by special products for scar and wound treatment which are available upon request at the reception. We recommend the patients to undergo a laser treatment within 2 to 3 months after the surgery to improve their scar appearance.

The first follow-up will take place approximately two weeks after the surgery upon an agreement with your surgeon. Another follow-up follows in 2 months after the first. And then one year from the surgery. In case everything is all right after one year, you will receive a recommended long-term plan of breast and implant checks. Medical checks at our clinic are free of charge within this scheme.

We recommend undergoing an annual ultrasound breast examination at a specialized institution.


Our team includes solely certified plastic surgeons with broad experience. Their highly professional and yet empathetic approach is our biggest benefit.

Possible risks of breast plastic surgeries

Every surgery embodies risks which must be considered. They are general risks related to any operation under general anaesthesia and it is a doctor's duty to inform the patient accordingly. These risks include e.g. haemorrhage - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, abnormal healing process, postoperative wound opening, keloid scar formation etc.

Your surgeon will give you all the information about procedure-specific risks during an in-person consultation.

Capsular contracture - tightening of a fibrous pocket

Contractures may be from thin (stage I to II) to very thick, accompanied with pains and breast contour changes (stage III to IV). Lighter forms of capsular contracture (stage II) can be treated non-invasively (e.g. by massages), heavier forms (III and IV) must undergo a surgical treatment.

The contracture of a fibrous capsule may occur repeatedly. The incidence of the problem is about 2 to 5% after the first breast surgery; the situation may occur any time after the surgery.

In case a capsule develops and is surgically removed, the risk of its repeated formation is even higher than after the first surgery. Cases of repeated capsule formation have been reported which required permanent removal of implants.

Other risks and possible complications are the same as with the first breast surgery, however their incidence is higher.

Ruptured breast implant

The current breast implants may not necessarily last a lifetime. Their producers define the average lifespan as 20 and more years. An implant slowly wears out, its surface gets abraded and weakened.

It may rupture after years. A leak of cohesive gel from the implants is very limited, however the breast may gradually change shape and hurt.

If an implant ruptures or is damaged, it is advisable to replace it. An implant rupture occurring during a life is usually connected to an injury or excessive pressure on breasts, therefore it is necessary to regularly check the implants after a breast augmentation.

Breast implant extrusion

Too tense skin in the wound area or elsewhere may gradually result in its weakening, necrosis and rupture with implant extrusion.

The risk increases in case the implant is located in damaged areas, e.g. under scarred skin, burnt skin or areas treated with radiotherapy. The most frequent causes include a too big implant, post-operative bleeding and infection.

In case an extrusion occurs, the implant must be temporarily removed.

Fluid around breast implant (seroma)

Fluid collected around the implant and manifested by enlarged breast and pain may occur any time in the post-operative period or later.

It is most often a result of lacking postoperative bed rest, an injury or a very intense exercise.

Sometime, a seroma may be caused by infection in some other body part /mouth, kidney, influenza, angina, gynaecological infections etc.) which spreads to the breast through blood. A smaller amount of fluid absorbs spontaneously, a larger amount must be released out.


It is collection of blood near the surgical site.

The most frequent cause is lacking postoperative bed rest or blood coagulation disorder. A smaller amount of blood absorbs spontaneously, a larger amount must be released surgically.

Exceptionally, an infection may occur near the implant in connection to infection in some other body part even months or years after the surgery. It is manifested by pain, breast reddening, swelling and enlargement.

In very exceptional cases, the condition may repeat.

Because breast surgeries are performed in a stretched-out arm position, twinging pains in forearms and arms may occur after the surgery. They are related to stretched out nerves coming from underarms to upper limbs. These problems are temporary and mostly completely disappear within several days or weeks.

Dissatisfaction with aesthetic effect

Wrong implant size or type, improper scar location etc. may cause patient's dissatisfaction with the surgery result.

Therefore, it is truly necessary to have a very thorough in-person consultation with the surgeon prior the surgery. The patient will precisely explain her vision and requirements and the surgeon explains the possibilities.

Generally, it may be said that big breast implants cause more often problems.

Implant wrinkling or rippling

Visible or palpable implant wrinkling or rippling may occur. It is manifested by palpable or visible wrinkles under the skin.

The situation more often occurs in very slim patients with thin skin, a thin subcutaneous fat layer and a very small breast gland.

The situation more often occurs with subglandular than submuscular implant location and more often with big implants.

The implant is always palpable in the area of inframammary fold and on the side.


Almost every woman has a small asymmetry in breast shape and size, nipple position, rib bulge etc. The difference can be hardly fully equalled. A breast implant cannot change the nipple position at all.

A breast with implant may become slightly saggy after a time, very similar to a natural breast. The sagging is faster with implants in subglandular position or with big implants.

There are asymmetry cases reported with one side saggier than the other one. The asymmetry may occur even shortly after the surgery, again as a result of ignoring postoperative instructions but also from other reasons.

The implant may change its position as a result of a breast muscle movement immediately after the surgery. Teardrop implants have a higher risk of movement.

Change of nipple sensitivity

You may encounter complications related to a change of sensitivity in nipples, areolas and breast skin. Sensitivity may be increased or decreased.

These changes mostly disappear within several months up to one year. However, in some cases these changes may be permanent.

Vascular thrombosis

Minor thrombotic subcutaneous blood vessels may temporarily appear near the implant. When seen, they remind of thin strings located under the skin, they are most often found in underarms or under the stomach skin just below the breasts. Do not be afraid, the condition will spontaneously disappear within several weeks.

You can get a summary of potential complications from your surgeon during an in-person consultation.

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