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Are you not satisfied with the appearance of your breasts? Are you frustrated about the shape and size of your breasts and you want to change it? Have you considered breast augmentation? If so, we are ready to help you.
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Cosmetic breast surgeries are among the most sought-after procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Breast augmentation surgery is aimed to:

  • increase the volume of small breasts
  • re-gain the breast volume after e.g. pregnancy or weight loss
  • correct the sagging of small breasts
  • correct breast size asymmetry

Breast augmentation can be performed in several ways. The most desired method of breast augmentation uses silicone breast implants which also partly serve to correct the breast shape and remove breast deformations.

Breasts can also be augmented with other filling materials. For example, a patient's own fat has been recently used in breast augmentations.

For whom is the surgery suitable?

  • Breast augmentation can be performed on women over 18 years of age, with a fully developed mammary gland.
  • There is no upper age limit; the health condition is crucial.
  • If you are planning a pregnancy in the next months, it is not advisable to undergo this surgery.
  • We do not perform breast augmentation in case of major breast sagging, i.e. ptosis. Instead, breast lift is used to correct the problem.

Breast augmentation can be performed through different surgery techniques. Your surgeon will discuss with you the most suitable option during your in-person consultation. Including the implant placement and selection of its type, shape and size. To have a more precise idea about the breast volume, you can try different implant sizes in your bra during the consultation.

As one of a few clinics, we have a large selection of breast implants in stock. Therefore, we are very flexible in case of a sudden change of implant size or type requirement.


Breast augmentation can be performed with different surgery techniques. The basic methods to place the implant include the emplacement under the gland (in-between the mammary gland and muscle) or deeper - under the muscle (in-between the muscle and ribs). An experienced plastic surgeon often combines these two approaches.

Illustrative photo: Subglandular implant placement approach

Subglandular implant placement approach

Subglandular implant placement (above the muscle) is suitable for patients with bigger and moderately sagging breasts. The postoperative condition is less painful and results in a quicker recovery. It is a method used to correct minor breast sagging and to tighten the breasts.

A drawback of this method, compared to submuscular implant placement, is that there is less tissue over the implant. Sometimes, the implant may be visible under the skin and is more easily pulpable.

As the skin is the only thing holding the implant, the breast may tend to sag with time and therefore it is advisable to wear a bra consistently.

Surgery methods - scar visibility

A plastic surgeon always tries to leave the least amount of visible scars as possible after a surgery. The surgeon may place the implant under the mammary gland using one of the following methods:

  • through an incision in the inframammary fold
  • through a small incision made along the lower areolar periphery
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Illustrative photo: Submuscular implant placement approach

Submuscular implant placement approach

With submuscular implant placement, the post-surgery condition is a bit more painful and recovery tends to be longer. However, the implant is almost impalpable after the surgery and the breasts can be better examined. The clear advantage of the method is its more stable aesthetic result; the implant does not sag because it is held in position by the pectoral muscle.

Submuscular implant emplacement is perfect especially for thin women with small and firm breasts.

Surgery methods

A plastic surgeon always tries to leave the least amount of visible scars as possible after a surgery. There are following options of incisions made to emplace the implant under the muscle:

  • from inframammary fold
  • from an incision along the areolar periphery
  • from an incision made in the armpit

It is more difficult for any type of replacement if a breast augmentation is done through an incision in the armpit and subsequently a post-operative complication occurs requiring an implant replacement. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the implant through another incision which results in another scar.

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Illustrative photo: Breast implants

Breast implants

Your safety is our priority, therefore at the Body Clinic, we work with MENTOR®, proven breast implants, through extensive long-term studies, which represent the highest quality available.

MENTOR® breast implants have the lowest reported incidence of post-operative complications. Which is the reason why these implants are the most desired by surgeons as well as patients worldwide.




Breast implant types

MENTOR® breast implants are available in a wide range of shapes and volumes. The size of your future implant is determined by the shape and size of your chest, the shape and size of your breast, skin quality and the condition of your pectoral muscle.

Anatomical implants (i.e. teardrop-shaped implants)

Implants with ever-growing popularity which give the breasts a deluxe appearance of a young and firm bust, all while portraying a more natural breast shape. This is a perfect choice for slim women with very little chest fat at whom the visible round implant upper edge may not look as appealing. Another advantage is a lower incidence of implant wrinkles thanks to a more cohesive gel compared to round implants. There is a certain risk of implant rotation, therefore it is necessary to observe the postoperative recommendations. 

Round implants 

Round implants are suitable for breasts with minor sagging or without sagging, especially when it is the patient’s desire to add volume to the upper pole. An experienced plastic surgeon can create a natural appearance even with round implants. However, a sufficient amount of fat or gland tissues on the chest is a must.


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Patients' reviews


Dear doctor Zimovčáková,
I have to write you because I am so happy about the result and simply cannot believe that everything has healed so well only 6 days after my breast surgery. When I took off the bandage yesterday I was surprised how well it was done. You are excellent, simply the best! (Even my husband, who also cannot believe it, says so :-) Again many thanks to you and your great team! You were all great and I felt really comfortable at the clinic. Best Regards to everybody!
Silvie, Czech Republic

Silvie , Czechia

Dear doctor Menšík,
Six weeks ago you performed a breast augmentation on me. Words can hardly express my excitement and satisfaction. Your gifted hands did a perfect job and I am happy that I have the nice and full breasts which I longed for, for a long time. Of course, I cannot forget also the great team of nurses, doctors and very kind girls at the reception.


Full and firm breasts regained? A beautiful vision, however no need to deceive myself, two kids and a few more years took the toll, miraculous tablets and herbal infusions did not help and bras that reminded me of stuffed shells. For a long time, I had opposed procedures like this, pointless surgery and anaesthesia; I kept saying myself "be glad you are healthy". However, nice breasts were appealing, and I decided for the surgery. Since then, my worries have disappeared, and I concentrated on the result, I may say I was looking forward to it. I can recommend it! The result is great and there are few things which make you happy continuously and this is certainly one of them. Many thanks, doctors :-)

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Within the post-surgery care, you will have a doctor available to tackle any immediate health problems.


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Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities. We believe that using certified and quality medical material and equipment is part of the perfect complex care.


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