Fat Transfer
Breast Augmentation

Are you considering breast augmentation, but at the same time prefer naturalness? Do you want to add volume to your breasts, but you are discouraged by unnatural appearance or synthetic material? We can make your bust more beautiful even without silicone implants by simply using your own excessive fat. This method is called fat grafting.

The procedure is based on the harvesting of autologous body fat (liposuction) from body parts where fat is sufficient or excessive. This is then refined and applied into breast tissue. Fat transfer can help even in small breast asymmetries. The method is also suitable for various contour and shape corrections, after breast implant augmentation or breast reconstructions, and after breast surgeries performed for medical reasons.


  • The biggest advantage of fat grafting is the double effect of the procedure. You will get beautiful and full breasts while at the same time having problematic body parts corrected by liposuction.
  • Extremely low incidence of complications is another advantage of fat transfer breast augmentations. This breast augmentation method prevents potential complications related to silicone implants; no foreign material is palpable in the breast.


  • The procedure is rather lengthy (liposuction, fat refinement, fat application). Please note, that the method is not suitable for large breast augmentation (more than one cup-size). The method is not feasible in extremely slim women.
  • A sufficient amount of fat is necessary to perform breast augmentation with fat grafting. To increase the volume of a breast we need about 200 ml of fat in average. We fill 400 ml of your cleaned and refined fat to both breasts. To have such quantity of refined fat we need to collect at least double that from your body. You have to expect that some fat is absorbed after the first few months and therefore it is necessary to repeat the procedure after some time. A single session is very rare for this procedure.
  • Fat transfer breast augmentation is a new and modern alternative to silicone implant augmentation. However, it is not the first-choice option. The suitability of fat grafting is always considered by the surgeon during a detailed in-person consultation.
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Full and firm breasts regained? A beautiful vision, however no need to deceive myself, two kids and a few more years took the toll, miraculous tablets and herbal infusions did not help and bras that reminded me of stuffed shells. For a long time, I had opposed procedures like this, pointless surgery and anaesthesia; I kept saying myself "be glad you are healthy". However, nice breasts were appealing, and I decided for the surgery. Since then, my worries have disappeared, and I concentrated on the result, I may say I was looking forward to it. I can recommend it! The result is great and there are few things which make you happy continuously and this is certainly one of them. Many thanks, doctors :-)

Complete review

Surgical process

  1. We specialize in breast surgeries of all kinds. Body Clinic can help you on the highest professional level. You are in the best hands.
  2. We understand that the fat transfer breast augmentation is your very intimate and personal issue. We are ready to discuss any questions, and our specialists will give you professional in-person consultations.
  3. We will explain everything very carefully and take necessary photographs before the surgery. Do not be afraid to enquire about anything.
  4. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. The whole procedure (depending on the type and scope) takes about 1 to 3 hours. For preventive reasons, you will get several doses of antibiotics and an injection to avoid embolism.
  5. First, we will very gently suck your own fat tissue with a thin cannula from a suitable body part (hips, thighs, buttocks, tummy etc.)
  6. The fat tissue is then refined, removing unwanted particles, and used as a filler for your breasts.
  7. After the procedure, usually a one-day hospitalization is required.
  8. In case of fat transfer breast augmentation, no special bra is needed, it is only advisable to wear elastic liposuction underwear to compress parts from which the fat was harvested.


Elastic postoperative compression underwear must be worn 24 hours a day for the period of several days to weeks, depending on the scope of the procedure.

Of course, the time of personal hygiene is an exception. You can first take a shower on the day following the procedure. Take always a short, lukewarm shower because hot water increases swellings and accelerates the absorption of transferred fat.

In the time before the first follow-up in 1-2 weeks, we recommend resting without any sports or activities.

Be patient, it takes about 3-4 months to evaluate the final result of the procedure.


Our team includes solely certified plastic surgeons with broad experience. Their highly professional and yet empathetic approach is our biggest benefit.

Possible risks of fat transfer breast augmentation

Same as any other surgery, breast augmentation embodies risks which must be taken into account.

General risks of surgeries under general anaesthesia

There are generally known risks related to surgeries under general anaesthesia.
(haemorrhage - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, abnormal healing process, keloid scar formation etc.)

Procedure-specific risks

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a very safe method. Breasts are filled with autologous fat tissue without using any foreign material or implants.

Still, as any surgical procedure, fat transfer breast augmentation also embodies risks of infection, haemorrhage, damage to nerve fibre, muscles, blood vessels. However, these complications are very rare.

The risk of fat embolism, which is theoretically possible if fat cells were transferred through a cannula directly to a blood vessel, has never been described in this practice.

The risks of complications in body parts where fat is harvested are same as with normal liposuction.

The procedure cannot be performed in extremely thin patients where it is impossible to harvest enough fat by liposuction to fill the breasts. It is also not suitable for patients who wish augmentation by more than one cup-size.

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