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You can have a perfect breast appearance even several years after a breast implant augmentation thanks to the LipoRetouch treatment.

What is LipoRetouch treatment for?

Due to weight reduction, breast sagging after pregnancy and breast feeding or loss of skin elasticity, the implant edges may wrinkle and become visible. Positioning the implant above the muscle or choosing too large of an implant may also cause visibility of implant edges.

To remove these troubles, it is not always necessary to undergo surgery. LipoRetouch is the solution - it is a gentle method using the potential of autologous fat of the body. It uses the body's own fat to smooth down unevenness or ugly implant edges. Fat tissue has proven as an excellent filling material in plastic surgery. It is naturally rich with stem cells which significantly participate in recovery and the survival of transferred fat tissue. Thanks to that, it is also possible to perform larger fat grafting breast augmentation (up to one cup-size).

LipoRetouch has the big advantage of using autologous (the body's own) tissue, so there is no risk of possible allergic reactions or a disease or infection transmission

For whom is the surgery suitable?

LipoRetouch is recommended to women who underwent breast implant augmentation and have objections against minor aesthetic deficiencies - mainly various wrinkles, or are unhappy about the visible edge of their implant.

The procedure may be performed even in rather slim women because no big quantity of fat is necessary. Only extremely thin women with insufficient fat deposits cannot undergo the treatment.

Main advantages:

  • Gentle method to treat minor aesthetic defects in breasts
  • Repeated breast implant surgery and related risks can be avoided
  • Very fast recovery
  • Reasonable price
Immediate effect
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Surgical process

  1. During an in-person consultation, the surgeon will recommend a body part to harvest the fat.
  2. The fat is harvested similarly as in the case of liposuction, with a special cannula.
  3. After a necessary quantity is collected, the fat is refined (liposuction solution, blood products etc. are removed). Pure fat tissue is naturally rich with stem cells which has a good effect on the recovery of transferred fat tissue and the healing process.
  4. The surgeon uses very thin cannulas to insert this precious material in small quantities very close to the implants which becomes less visible.
  5. After the treatment, the breasts have a more natural shape with beautiful contours near the neckline.


Often the patient is able to perform many normal activities and resume her job the next day after the surgical procedure.

However, it is important to avoid a bigger physical load (exercise) for two weeks. The parts where fat was harvested and inserted should not be overheated for at least 14 days. Avoid hot bath and sauna.

Until bruising is fully healed, avoid tanning beds or sunbathing. Do not expose little scars after fat harvests to UV radiation for at least six months and subsequently protect them against UV radiation with high UV protection cream of SPF 50+.

Avoid any breast pressure or traction situation (e.g. at sports and sex) for at least one week.

The swellings in the places of fat harvest and application will normally disappear within a week or two. However, it is a highly individual process and the differences among particular patients may be rather significant.

In case of a bigger fat quantity harvested, it is advisable to wear compression medical underwear after the treatment, e.g. medical elastic stockings and tummy shapewear panties etc. No special underwear is necessary for the breast area.

Do not massage the treated areas, only in case of large bruising and always upon agreement with your surgeon. Massaging the area treated by fat transfer could cause more intensive absorbing.

The first follow-up is after one week. The second follow-up is after 5 to 7 weeks, and eventually, after one year to assess to what extent of fat survives in treated areas.

The result is considered final in about 3 months after the procedure. You can expect a small loss of the applied fat volume within one year.


Our team includes solely certified plastic surgeons with broad experience. Their highly professional and yet empathetic approach is our biggest benefit.

Possible risks of the procedure

If you agreed with your surgeon that the procedure will be performed under general anaesthesia, then you should know about complications embodied in the procedure. Although the incidence of complications is rather low, it is our duty to inform you about possible risks.

General risks of surgeries under general anaesthesia

These are generally known risks related to surgeries under general anaesthesia.
(haemorrhage - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, abnormal healing process, keloid scar formation etc.)

Procedure-specific risks

Risks related to LipoRetouch:

A certain loss of volume of transferred fat always occurs in the treated area. The loss may be from 10% to 70% in the least successful cases. Generally, the risk of quick fat absorption occurs with smokers and patients with metabolic disorders (thyroid disorder, diabetes etc.)

Unevenness of skin in treated area.

Infection risk - reddening and formation of minor abscesses in the areas with unhealed fat.

Visible, hard scars after small skin incisions are another, less frequent, complication. These scars are generally a result of bad tissue healing capacity of an individual and cannot be anticipated. However, their appearance may be improved by a laser treatment.

Formation of minor, so-called granulomas or calcifications - very rare.

As a result of liposuction, cellulitis in the treated area may become more apparent. This situation is not considered a complication but an accompanying negative effect based on the principle of the procedure.

If fat harvesting included in the method is minor, the risks are absolutely insignificant.

If the treatment is performed very close to the implant case, there is a theoretical risk of a damage to implant integrity.

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