Breast Lift

Breast Lift

No woman can avoid a change of shape of her breasts; it is a very common phenomenon. Breasts droop and lose elasticity as a result of natural aging process, a sudden weight loss or due to pregnancy and breast feeding. Predisposition to drooping may also be congenital. We can help you with breast lift (mastopexy).
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Through breast lift, your breasts can acquire a beautiful and natural appearance. Breast firmness is acquired by moving the breast tissue, together with the nipple and areola, higher up. The cup size remains the same as before the surgery. No tissue is added or removed (except skin). The surgeon may also change the size of the areola during the procedure. Many surgical methods exist for this procedure. Your surgeon will choose the best one for you.


There are many breast lift methods. The size, shape and extent of breast drooping will define the method for the breast lift.

Illustrative photo: Mini breast lift

Mini breast lift

Mini breast lift (periareolar lift, "round block") is a method suitable for small sagging or for breasts which are not round but pointed. This method can be also used to correct small asymmetries.

In this method, the breast is pulled up circularly to the nipple in the center. The only scar is located around the moved-up areola. The method's effect is not great.

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Illustrative photo: Breast lift for medium-size breast drooping

Breast lift for medium-size breast drooping

Single scar technique (Lejour, "vertical scar") is the most frequent worldwide method for breast lift in medium-size breast drooping.

The result is a scar around areola and a single vertical scar down to the inframammary fold.

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Illustrative photo: Breast lift for medium to large-size drooping

Breast lift for medium to large-size drooping

At medium to large-size breast drooping, it is suitable to add a short horizontal incision to the side of the inframammary fold to the previous technique - it is called L technique or B technique.

Sometimes, it is necessary to perform the incision to the side and to the center - so-called "short horizontal scar".

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Illustrative photo: Breast lift for heavy drooping

Breast lift for heavy drooping

At heavily drooping breasts or large and drooping breasts it is necessary to perform a classical, time-tested method.

This results in a scar rounding areola, a vertical scar from the areola to the inframammary fold and a semi-circular scar in the inframammary fold under the whole breast. This is the so-called anchor - or "inverted T" scar.

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Illustrative photo: Breast lift - combined method

Breast lift - combined method

If you wish to lift, shape and tighten up your breast while augmenting them at the same time, a breast lift may be under certain circumstance combined with a breast implant augmentation in one procedure. This method can be performed if you do not require a big augmentation and if your breasts are not too saggy.

If you require a significant breast augmentation or your breasts are too droopy, it is more convenient to perform breast implant augmentation in six to twelve months after the breast lift. The final breast shape, scar quality and effect permanency are much better in that case.

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Patients' reviews


Dear Doctor Holuša,
yesterday I had my final follow-up after breast reduction and breast lift. I would like to thank you again for what you have done for me; I am really glad I underwent the procedure. I wish you success in your profession and, particularly, many satisfied women.
I.S., Czech Republic

I.S. , Czechia

Dear all,
I was considering to undergo breast lift surgery for a long time and now I know it was the best decision I have ever made in my life and that I should not have hesitated for such a long time!...
I was wrong to be worried about the surgery and its result! Times when I felt ashamed even in front of myself when taking a shower are luckily gone! As if I started a new life. The surgery result made me happy, self-confident and satisfied. You made my dream come true... I would also like to thank all the doctors and nurses for my very pleasant stay at the Clinic. You were all great!
Grateful patient M. J., Brno

M. J., Brno , Czechia
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