Correction of
prominent ears

Do you wish to change the shape or position of your ears? We can easily help correct the position of ears in children and adults. It is a procedure during which the surgeons may correct unilateral or bilateral defects. Apart from the correction of prominent ears, we also correct symmetry of the auricle, its size and other defects and deformities.

Advantages of the correction of the auricle

  • The biggest advantage is the possibility to perform the procedure only under local anaesthesia without the necessity of hospitalization at the Clinic.
  • Even a minor correction may significantly improve your appearance and remove a long-lasting trauma for ever. Your self-confidence and life quality will surely improve. This is even confirmed by parents of treated children who were exposed to stress in a children' group due to the reactions to the appearance of their ears. The effect of the procedure is permanent.
  • Surgical correction of prominent ears in children under 10 years of age is paid from the public health insurance scheme. However, the Body Clinic has currently no contract with any health insurance company.
Immediate effect

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Surgical process

  1. We will explain everything very carefully. We will take necessary photographs before the surgery and the surgeon will explain to you the process. Do not be afraid to ask anything.
  2. The procedure is almost always performed under local anaesthesia and takes about 1.5 hours.
  3. The goal of the procedure consists of setting the auricles back to the head. It is done by re-modelling the cartilage of the auricle. After applying anaesthesia, an incision is made on the back side of the auricle. The cartilage is separated and modelled into the required shape by gentle cuts. The wound is sutured with absorbable sutures which do not have to be removed. The desired shape is supported with several special modelling sutures and a compress dressing.
  4. You can go home after the surgery. Organize for an accompanying person and transportation, we do not recommend driving a car.


After the surgery, it is necessary to rest, preferably lying in bed on your back while supporting your head. Stay in bed until the following day. Shortly after the surgery and in the next three days you can feel pain which you can relieve with common analgesics (painkillers).

Keep the special compress dressing until the first follow-up. At the follow-up, we will change the dressing and remove special modelling sutures. Only after this change of dressing you may wash your hair.

We recommend wearing a compress headband for at least 14 days as your surgeon instructs you. Not only will it support the stability of auricles in their new positions, but it will also protect both ears from injury. Wear the headband 24 hours a day. After 14 days you can wear it only at night. Continue wearing the headband for at least another two weeks.

Avoid sport activities for at least one month.


Our team includes solely certified plastic surgeons with broad experience. Their highly professional and yet empathetic approach is our biggest benefit.

Possible risks of the correction of prominent ears

Same as any other surgery, the surgery embodies risks which must be taken into account. They are general risks for surgeries (haemorrhage - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, abnormal healing process, postoperative wound opening, keloid scar formation etc.), and also procedure-specific risks.

One of possible postoperative complications is bleeding and the formation of hematoma. Therefore, it is very important to rest in the first week after the surgery.

A change of colour of auricles may occur, however it is a temporary condition.

A disorder in blood supply to the auricular skin, skin scarring and partial necrosis with protruding cartilage are rare complications.

Minor unevenness and bulging under the skin on the anterior auricle may occur from time to time.

It may happen that the auricles are not completely symmetric, and the desired cosmetic effect is not perfect.

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