Eyelid surgery <br> Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery

Are you considering eyelid surgery? Do you suffer from droopy eyelids and bags under your eyes which give your face a sad and tired appearance? Correction of droopy eyelid skin is a significant facial improvement for women and men.
Eyelid surgery <br> Blepharoplasty: Proven Method


Eyelid surgery <br> Blepharoplasty: HIGH LEVEL OF SATISFACTION 98 %

98 %

It is a gentle procedure, most often performed under local anaesthesia, which efficiently deals with your aesthetic problems related to both upper and lower eyelids, and significantly relieves your eyes. When the skin fold of the upper lid exceeds its edge, it increasingly reduces the visual field. And you have worse vision because of it. Blepharoplasty efficiently treats the problem.

Advantages of eyelid surgery

  • The biggest advantage is the double effect of the procedure. Not only will your visual field be larger and you will see better, but at the same time, you will look younger. Your face will look softer and you will get rid of a tired and sad expression.
  • Another advantage is the possibility to perform the procedure under local anaesthesia. You will avoid hospitalization and will be able to resume your everyday life soon.

Our tip: laser-assisted blepharoplasty

The effect of the surgery on upper and lower eyelids can be improved by subsequent treatment of skin with a fractional CO2 laser. The laser slightly tightens up the skin and minor wrinkles, increasing the effect of the procedure on upper and lower eyelids.

This method even enables the ability to perform lower eyelid surgery without any visible scar! Using the laser, an incision may be performed on the lower lid not on the skin as usual, but in the conjunctiva inside the eye. No scar forms on the skin. This option is available only for minor eyelid skin drooping and is suitable for procedures done under general anaesthesia.

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All procedures at the Clinic are performed only by experienced and certified plastic surgeons who continuously improve their expertise with the latest findings from international congresses and symposiums. Our surgeons are highly professional yet very empathetic and client-oriented.

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Our team consists of the best certified professionals. We have valuable experience and excellent references.


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Our surgeons have been in the business for more than 20 years. They have successfully performed thousands of operations and helped many patients.


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Within the post-surgery care, you will have a doctor available to tackle any immediate health problems.


We do not ignore risk

Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities. We believe that using certified and quality medical material and equipment is part of the perfect complex care.


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