Scar treatments

Are you not satisfied with the appearance of your scars after a procedure or do you suffer because of acne scars? Do not feel depressed. Modern aesthetic medicine can usually remove these problems. Treatment with a special CO2 fractional laser is a proven method.

How does the laser treatment work? The laser beam is fragmented into many thinner ones. The skin is then treated in micro points on its surface. The deep skin layers remain untouched and the healing process is rather quick.

After the laser treatment, you can expect a quality improvement of skin and the subcutaneous layer, scars are less visible, skin is smoothed out, skin texture refined and colour unified in the treated area. These advantages are used in skin rejuvenation.

Laser treatment is suitable to:

  • correct keloid scars
  • improve the appearance of acne scars
  • improve badly healing acne, however not in the active stage
  • minimize large pores and oily skin
  • reduce wrinkles
  • remove skin pigmentation problems
  • remove skin tags and some birthmarks
  • smooth out the skin and unify its colour
  • light lifting effect with skin rejuvenation

The whole procedure is outpatient and almost painless; the length of the treatment depends on the size of the treated area.

Proven Method

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Surgical process

  1. The procedure is performed as outpatient, under local anaesthesia of skin with the Emla cream. If skin tags are removed, we will inject an anaesthetic.
  2. You can sense light burning during the laser treatment. It all depends on the chosen intensity of the laser and your individual sensitivity.



Your skin will be red immediately after the procedure and small scabs will form on the surface, which spontaneously peel off within ca 7 days. Be patient. Never tear the scabs off!

Your skin will be very dry after the laser treatment and therefore you should rub in an antibacterial healing cream several times a day.

Avoid direct sunlight after the procedure and use high UV-protection creams.

The first follow-up will be held within one month after the procedure.


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Possible risks of scar treatments

It is particularly hyperpigmentation if you fail to protect the treated skin from sun exposure. The condition is long-term or permanent.

In more sensitive clients, minor skin reddening may occur. However, it is a temporary condition which spontaneously disappears within several days.

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