Liposuction is one of the most widespread plastic surgery procedures and is ever growing in popularity. It helps you improve your body contours and is aimed to remove ugly fat deposits in problematic body parts. Liposuction also helps restore harmonious body contours. However, don't be mistaken, liposuction is not a method to reduce your body weight if you are obese. It is meant to help you form your body, not to reduce significant weight.
Liposuction: Admission to the clinic 1 Day

Admission to the clinic
1 Day

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Liposuction is suitable for both women and men. Hips, thighs and the stomach are the most frequently treated areas. We also have good experience with liposuction procedures including knees, back, arms and even double chin. The final result depends not only on the chosen procedure method, but also on the skin elasticity. Which can depend on your age, hereditary dispositions, smoking, sunbathing and other factors.

On the Internet, you may encounter many new and "proven" liposuction methods which are almost non-invasive (e.g. radio-frequency lipolysis, ultrasound lipolysis, laser assisted liposuction etc.) Their effect is disputable, and they may also embody new and specific risks.

At the Body Clinic, we perform tumescent liposuction. It is a proven, reliable and efficient method. How is it done? Before the fat is sucked out, a liposuction solution is pumped into the treated area. The reason for this, is to enlarge the volume before suction while making the fat cells tense and fragile. Thanks to that, the suction can be performed more evenly and with significantly less bleeding. Do not be afraid. The liposuction solution contains a component which contracts blood vessels and an anaesthetic making it painless.

After the solution is pumped in, a thin liposuction cannula is put into the treated area through a few-millimetre-wide puncture mark. Using negative pressure, the fat is then removed from the body with semi-circular movements of the cannula in the subcutaneous tissue. The current trends are to use smaller cannulas to suck the fat out as evenly as possible, with minimum traumas to the subcutaneous tissue. To give you an idea about the cannula size, the cannulas currently used are only 2-4 mm in diameter.

The effect of liposuction is permanent if you avoid any large weight changes and stick to a healthy lifestyle. When large areas are treated with liposuction, your clothing size may drop by several numbers.

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All procedures at the Clinic are performed only by experienced and certified plastic surgeons who continuously improve their expertise with the latest findings from international congresses and symposiums. Our surgeons are highly professional yet very empathetic and client-oriented.

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Why choose us?


A top team of plastic surgeons

Our team consists of the best certified professionals. We have valuable experience and excellent references.


Thousands of successful procedures

Our surgeons have been in the business for more than 20 years. They have successfully performed thousands of operations and helped many patients.


Professional medical treatment during your whole stay at the Clinic

Within the post-surgery care, you will have a doctor available to tackle any immediate health problems.


We do not ignore risk

Your safety and satisfaction are our priorities. We believe that using certified and quality medical material and equipment is part of the perfect complex care.


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