Do you suffer because of the shape of your nose? A nose job may help you if you suffer from a congenital or acquired nose deformity. Such as, a big hump on the nose, asymmetry, or tip deformity. Moreover, if you deal with the change of your nose shape after an injury or you dislike your nose shape for other reasons.

The satisfaction with your own appearance, increased self-confidence and life quality improvement are the most frequent reasons why patients decide to undergo rhinoplasty. However, do not forget an important fact, that the nose shape changes over the course of life.

Expert opinions differ in terms of the ideal patient age for rhinoplasty. The lowest age limit is the end of the period of growth, the highest limit is usually not specified. Everything depends on an expert assessment by the surgeon.

The nose is formed by cartilage in its front part - nasal soft tissue, and by nasal bones in its back part - nasal hard tissue. The intervention is usually performed both on the soft nasal tissue, especially in case of minor nasal tip deformities, and on the nasal bones, e.g. when a hump on the bridge of nose is removed. Both parts are usually treated through surgery.

Advantages of rhinoplasty

  • You will be surprised by how apparent the change on your face is at first glance, post-rhinoplasty.
  • The procedure is almost painless and leaves no marks and scars on the face. The whole procedure is done inside your nose.
  • After successful rhinoplasty, patients report increased self-confidence and improved life quality.
Admission to the clinic 1 Day

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R., Brno, Czechia

Some time ago, your performed a rhinoplasty on me. It was my first plastic surgery in my life and I was rather afraid. However, since the very first minute at the Clinic, my worries gradually diminished. The approach of your nurses, your anaesthesiologist as well as yourself was just great and very human. Moreover, I was really surprised that my nose did not hurt after the surgery or in the following days! Thanks to my new nose I look better and because the change was done so discretely I do not have to explain to everybody where my old snoot is:-)

Complete review

Surgical process

  1. We will explain everything very carefully. We will take necessary photographs before the surgery and the surgeon will explain you the method. Do not be afraid to ask anything.
  2. Rhinoplasty is usually performed under general anaesthesia and takes about one hour.
  3. Nasal cartilage in the front part of the nose and on its tip is reduced and modelled through several-millimetres-long incisions done inside the nose, in the nostrils.
  4. In case the whole nose is corrected, we will change the shape of the nasal bones and adjust them to the required shape.
  5. If you wish to reduce the overall shape of the nose, make it narrower, shorter, lower, to re-model and refine the nose tip, remove a hump or correct the nasal axis, it is often necessary to shorten and adjust the nasal septum.
  6. If necessary, it is possible to slightly reduce the nostrils and nasal wings.
  7. Finally, the mucous membrane is sutured inside the nose with absorbable sutures and the nose is fixed with a plaster splint which is secured with sticking plasters. Tampons are inserted into the nose in case of bleeding; they can be removed in 1-4 days.
  8. In very exceptional cases of very serious nasal deformities we use so-called open rhinoplasty. Apart from incisions inside the nose, a short incision is performed in-between the nostrils. This enables to separate and lift the nasal skin and get a better approach to correct complicated cartilage deformities.


Hospitalization is usually overnight. The splint will remain on the nose until the first follow-up which is scheduled in 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

Sutures will absorb spontaneously. Swellings with hematomas may occur on eyelids closely after the surgery. We recommend applying cold compresses on your eyes.

It is necessary to rest immediately after the surgery to enhance the healing process. Avoid hitting the nose and do not bend downward during the first day after the surgery.

Be patient, your nose will gain the final shape only slowly and in a long time, often in several months.

Listen carefully to what your surgeon instructs you to do and perform regular postoperative nose massages for the whole recommended time.


Our team includes solely certified plastic surgeons with broad experience. Their highly professional and yet empathetic approach is our biggest benefit.

Possible risks of rhinoplasty

Nose correction is a delicate procedure the result of which depends not only on the skill of your plastic surgeon but also on your body's capacity to heal wounds, cartilage and bones and on scar formation. Therefore, the final result may sometime differ from the shape and appearance which were agreed before the surgery without the patient or surgeon to be blamed.


Swellings of nose, eyelids, cheeks and nasal membrane are common complications, lasting up to several weeks. Temporary nasal skin colour changes and reduced sensitivity may also occur. It may also happen that the nasal skin gets a pressure mark from the plaster splint, or is damaged by a bone chisel, or a small patch of nasal skin dies. These complications occur more often in smokers.

Damage to the inner corner of the eye or to the paranasal sinuses is very rare.
Same as any other surgery, rhinoplasty embodies risks which must be taken into account. They are general risks for surgeries under general anaesthesia (haemorrhage - hematoma, infection, pulmonary embolism, abnormal healing process, postoperative wound opening, keloid scar formation etc.), and also procedure-specific risks.

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